Clinical Supply Forecasting and Planning.



Our Story

We are a couple of experienced clinical supply professionals that decided to build the most efficient, easy-to-use, and not at least intelligent clinical supply forecasting solution in the industry!

Thousand of hours later and with the help of our amazing team of software engineers and data scientists - the solution is finally here - we have named it SIMPLY!


What We have Built

SIMPLY is a comprehensive clinical supply solution built on a proven framework and provides clinical supply professionals a tool to manage their portfolio of supply packaging and distribution projects.

Our Vision

We’re striving to challenge industry conventions and are inventing the new forecasting standard. We believe that all clinical trials deserves SIMPLY to reduce waste, cost, and ultimately time to market.



Speedy configuration 

Create a project directly from a library of study templates or clone an existing project.

Forecast and aggregate across multiple studies.

Easy scenario comparisons

SIMPLY keeps track of all "what-if" scenarios in an intuitive timeline and with dynamic graphs.


Cost-saving planning

Forecast demand and consumption at different levels of clinical product (API, DP, and IMP Kit) and get a predictive insight of site and depot inventory levels.

SIMPLY provides optimized packaging and distribution schedules to reduce cost. 

Self explanatory graphs

The forecasts are visually presented in an interactive and shareable dashboard with easy understandable graphs.



The powerful model-based reinforced learning algorithms will work to automatically suggest the most optimal IRT site shipment supply plans to reduce drug waste.



Modern UI

Simplicity and a logical workflow is key in every busniess critical system and perhaps even more with a clinical supply planning tool. That's why we have put a lot of effort into the user interface and experience. 

A guided study build allows all users regardless of experience to quickly and accurately setup, run and share a new project.

Friends with IRT systems

SIMPLY will autosuggest  the most optimal IRT resupply settings to save precious IMP. Powered by a powerful model-based reinforced learning algorithm! 

Always improving

We know that clinical trial designs are continously changing and that is why we are continulosy adding new features and  are constantly focusing on enhancing the existing ones.


With the cloud platform, all updates will benefit all users. 




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Ved Klædebo 14, 

Hørsholm, DK 2970

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+45 60 19 84 64

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